Polymer Thin Film & Analysis Laboratory

Du Yeol Ryu research group

Research Interests

  • Self-assembled nanostructures (including quasicrystals) by block copolymer
  • Interface engineering : Interaction between polymer film and adjacent surfaces
  • Hardcore polymer physics : glass transition, order-disorder transition, and dewetting
  • Organic-inorganic hybrid with 3-dimensional gyroid and its application to optics
  • Analysis with precision by small-angle scattering (X-ray or neutron)

Current Researches

Block copolymer (BCP)

  • Fundamental issues on BCP self-assembly in both bulk and thin film states.
  • Understanding the core properties leads to a firmer foundation for practical applications.
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News & Notice

Congrats to Sungmin!

Dr. Sungmin Park successfully finished his post-doc research career in RPI (USA) and starts a new job at KRICT (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology).

(September 2019)

Journal Cover Invitation

"Irreversible Physisorption of PS‑b‑PMMA Copolymers on Substrates for Balanced Interfacial Interactions as a Versatile Surface Modification " was invited to be a main cover of ACS Macro Letters (May 2019)

Best Poster Award

Seungyun Jo won the Best student poster award at International Hanaro Symposium 2019. Congratulations!

(April 2019)

Feature article was published

Taesuk, Seungyun, and Prof. Ryu contributed to "Giant-molecular-weight Block copolymer Self-assembly toward Materialization of Visible Photonic crystals"

Polymer Science and Technology (Korea)

(April 2019)